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Thai Beef Rolls and Mojitos

I made Thai Beef Rolls from my Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2007 cookbook.  These were very good and would be great as a no-cook meal in the summer or packed in a cooler for a picnic.  There was no cooking involved but there was a lot of chopping and prepping.  The adults in the family also had yummy and refreshing Mojitos!


  1. MAKE AGAIN!!!! these were great in my lunch today! -HT

  2. Did you know that the culinary term for "chopping and prepping" is "Mis en place"? Just a bit of Foot Network trivia.... Nancy A.

    P.S. I know who wrote the first comment - LOL.

  3. I hope HT meant the Thai Beef Rolls were good in her lunch ....... NOT the Mojitos!!!
    Grandma :-)


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