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Cookbook #18: The Asian Cookbook from Parragon Publishing

Cookbook #18 in my Cook the Bookshelf Challenge is The Asian Cookbook from Parragon Publishing.


The Recipe I Chose To Make

I have made several recipes form this cookbook already so I had my daughters decide which recipe I should make for the challenge. They decided on Daam Daam Min (Dan Dan Mian) on page 76.

Dan Dan Mian is a Chinese Sichuan dish with a spicy sauce made with preserved vegetables, chili oil, Sichuan pepper, ground meat, and scallions served over noodles. The dish can either be served dry or as a noodle soup, this recipe noted that it is a dry noodle dish.

How Was It?

I was a little skeptical of this recipe. It called for Sichuan peppercorns, preserved vegetables, and black Chinese vinegar, none of which I had ever cooked with before. It was drier than we are used to for a noodle dish, just as the recipe described, but it was very good. The recipe calls for 2 finely chopped scallions but the directions do not say when to add them to the dish causing me to completely forget to add them as a topping. It was a quick recipe that the family liked.

Other Recipes:

The Mango Lassi on page 252 is my go-to recipe and I have made it many times. I have also made the Raita, Roasted Spicy Pineapple, and the Banana-Stuffed Crepes from page 230:

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