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Cookbook #13: The All American Cheese and Wine Book

Cookbook #13 in my Cook the Bookshelf Challenge is The All American Cheese and Wine Book by Laura Werlin.

 The All American Cheese and Wine Book

About the Book 
I bought this cookbook at the Pawtastic Thrift Boutique on Miracle Mile in Stockton, a great local store that supports local animal rescues and sells all books for only $1.00! To my surprise not only is this book a James Beard Award winner but also an autographed copy! Score!

"Say cheese (and wine!)"

This book has information about how cheese and wine is produced in America and everything you need to know about tasting, choosing, serving, and pairing without feeling intimidated. The recipe section highlights American wineries and cheese makers and has recipes that pair both together.

The Recipe I Chose To Make 
I decided to make Brie-Mango Quesadillas with Lime Cream from page 125.  There are so many delicious sounding recipes in this book so it was very hard to choose which one to make.  I decided on this recipe because, despite the lockdown, brie cheese was still available for my online grocery order.  Brie is also one of my favorite cheeses and I love quesadillas! This recipe sounded like the perfect treat for a warm summer evening.

Brie-Mango Quesadillas with Lime Cream

How Was It?
Delicious! Grilled flour tortillas with creamy brie cheese and sweet mango that balanced the spicy jalapeno and lime cream for dipping. So good!  For wine pairing the author recommended serving this with either a Viognier to accent the tropical flavors or a Gewurztraminer to accent the spicy components. My online choices were limited so I ordered the only recommended option available: Fetzer Vineyards Valley Oaks California Gewurztraminer.  Wine connoisseurs out there might cringe at my choice, but we found it to be very complimentary to the quesadillas. 

What’s Next? 
The next cookbook in my Cook The Bookshelf Challenge is All-New Fresh Food Fast from Cooking Light.

Pawtastic Thrift Store in Stockton, seller of $1.00 books!