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Day 40: Interesting Find

Capture Your 365 Day 40:  Interesting Find.
Among my mom's belongings was this box of photos 
and memories that my great-grandma had saved for my grandpa.  
The treasures included a letter from my grandpa to his parents and sisters 
from August 20, 1945 with the news that he will be 
leaving Europe in a few days to come home from the war; 
a family photo from July 1, 1956; 
a photo with my Great-Grandma Pitts holding me, 
my mom, and my grandpa from May 1970;  
a high school graduation photo of my Great-Grandpa Pitts; 
a newspaper clipping announcing my grandpa being made a corporal; 
a photo of my great-grandpa with my great aunt and my grandpa 
when they were young children; 
a racy photo of my grandpa in swim trunks;  
a photo of my grandpa holding an explosive device; 
a photo of my grandpa pushing his sister in a stroller; 
and my grandpa's old business card.