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#1day12pics: January 7, 2017

I'm participating in the A Year With My Camera workshop. 
Saturday's theme was '1 Day, 12 Pics'.  
Here are my 12 pictures for today:

1.  A rainy Saturday

2.  Flower in my front yard

3.  My cat running through her tunnel

4.  Random plant in my living room

5.  Barbacoa Beef Tacos for lunch

6.  My 'Minty Fresh' photo submission

7.  The little Nerf balls my cat plays with and hides

8.  Cutting an apple

9.  My cat trying to get to a jar of her Nerf balls.

11.  Italian Sausage and Three Peppers for dinner tonight

12.  Playing Rat-a-Tat Cat during game night


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