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Neighborhood House Fire

There was  house fire in my neighborhood this evening, apparently there were no injuries.  This shot shows just a few of the Mountain House and Tracy, CA fire trucks that responded to the call. 

In my hurry to leave the house I put on my 18-55mm kit lens thinking that I would be far away and would need to zoom.  During the time I was taking photos it got dark and having my 50mm f/1.8  lens would have given me much clearer shots.  I took several photos directly across from the house however they are mostly blurry because the shutter had to be open for so long.


  1. This is a wonderful photo...I just wish the circumstances were different! A dear friend of mine lost her home to a fire last's such a mind-numbing thing to happen. Praise the Lord that all were okay (in both cases!)...everything else can be replaced!


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