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Photo Challenge: Tickle Me Pink

Time for another challenge at Project 64: Out of the Box.  Each week a random crayon is chosen from a 64 count box of Crayola Crayons.  That color is used as inspiration for the week, the challenge is to find and photograph the weekly color in the world around us.
This week the color is Tickle Me Pink.

We have 2 girls who LOVE the color pink and this color is all over my house. 
My entry for Tickle Me Pink is a photo of the rug in Big Girl's room.

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  1. Cool photo. And I love the focus. Thanks for sharing.

    Kendall @ P64

  2. Ha ha! Not only is it the perfect pink but also very clean!

  3. Beautiful, how can it be so clean?

  4. Great picture. The rug looks nice and soft.

  5. Cool picture. The rug looks soft.

  6. Great photo! I love that you can see the individual fibers.

  7. I just found your blog and lets just say I had to add you. You have a great blog and the same template as me :) Love your "Tickle Me Pink" picture.

  8. Great picture...I love that you can do it in one photo...I always have way to many. ;0

  9. Great find, has lots of intrest and texture!Nice close up and match to TMP! Thanks for linking up!


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