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Poppies are starting to bloom, one of my favorite flowers.
These are California Poppies, pretty soon they will be everywhere!


  1. Beautiful!! The poppies look so fragile, and the color is so intense! I especially like focus and color contrast on the second one.

    Your unbiased Mom!

  2. Oh, that second one! I've always loved tulips and daisies, but I think poppies have just knocked them out of first and second place...thanks to you!

  3. Lovely!! They look good enough to enlarge to poster size. Dianne

  4. Like the last one with the blue contast of the background. Nancy A.

  5. Beautiful photos! Love the last one!

  6. You are so lucky! Can't wait till my wildflowers, including poppies, pop up in my barrel.


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