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I Heart Photos: Best Face Photo from February 2011

This week's challenge at I Heart Photos is the best face photo taken in February.  I am submitting the top photo of  Little Boy.  He is showing me his Lego creation the he designed himself and is telling me all about it, the moving parts, and the creatures that are on it.

This photo challenge is judged by the amount of votes received. 
You can click here to vote for my photo. (My entry is #97)

Due to server issues the 'I Heart Faces' button might not be working. 
You can click here to get to the challenge.

Here are more photos of Little Boy and his Lego creation:


  1. Great picture - and the creation looks like something my boys would build too.

  2. What a fun picture, and I love your composition!

  3. Great photos, the focusing on the first two is really wonderful. Great perspective.

  4. I love the perspective on this! Great shot!

  5. LOVE these boys are super lego freaks, too...;)

  6. Excellent! That first shot is my fave! Really super work!!

  7. Great shot. I love that he's your focal point.

  8. Thanks for your nice comment about my photo.. Glad to have you as a follower. You're the first follower I don't know! :) I need to post some of my lego pix after looking at yours which are terrific!


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