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Why I Love the Drive to School......

I have been watching these pretty little flowers for a while now.  The are growing near the road by an orchard on the way to the kids school.  Today they seemed to be perfect so I pulled over and took some pictures.

I also stopped by Round Valley to take a look around.  The creek was full and there was a tiny waterfall.  These pictures are the same, only the aperture is different.  I made a mistake by not wanting to geek-out with my tripod and ended up with blurry pictures.  The waterfall effect is still there...tomorrow I am going full photo geek and taking my tripod with me to see if I can get better shots.





  1. I can't believe you have Spring flowers growing now! We have another two months. Luckily, I could use some sun and flowers.

  2. I meant to say lucky, not luckily.

  3. California is the place you oughta be.....


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