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Saturday's Sunset

Today was one of those days that made toting my camera with me while running errands was worth it.  There an absolutely gorgeous sunset this evening!  Unfortunately I didn't have my trusty tripod with me, just the monopod, so the pictures have a slight blur to them. I also did not realize until I took the last picture that the aperture was set to f/32.  Grrr, that's what I get for being in a hurry!  Despite the blur in the pictures it was still a beautiful sunset.


  1. whoa, gorgeous. I would pay money for the high-res of #2.

  2. Your sunset photos are just as beautiful as the photo on the cover of your favorite photography book "Understanding Exposure"!

    Your completely unbiased follower, Mom

  3. WOW that is BEAUTIFUL!!! so bright!

  4. Glad to see MOM is now an official follower. Tell Eric you will take the $$$$....

    Nancy A.

  5. Beautiful! I agree with Eric about paying for the second photo.

  6. Dang it, should have had my tripod so it would look better in hi-res. That could have funded a new lens! Tripod, tripod, tripod!


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