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'I Heart Faces' Challenge: Hearts

On Friday morning we made our usual doughnut stop and I picked up this yummy Valentine's Day doughnut for Little Girl.  Perfect timing...the I Heart Faces challenge this week is 'Hearts'.  My goal was to get a picture with the doughnut as the primary focus and Little Girl out of focus in the background.  This was a bit of a challenge because I did not use my tripod (Again! Bad Coffee Queen!) and little girl was too excited to remain still for long.  

This first photo is the one I am submitting to the I Heart Faces Challenge.


  1. Very clever! And your daughter is adorable! :-)

  2. So cute! And making me hungry! :)

  3. I like LAST shot....

    Nancy A.

  4. I love all the shots!!! a cute little girl and a yummy looking donut! whats better???

  5. I don't know how you were able to choose just one! They are all adorable! You really captured Little Girl's anticipation and joy over the heart-sprinkled donut! Great photos!
    ~~~ Mom

  6. LOVE these!! Great perspective and your creative depth of field is so artistic. The theme of my photography challenge this week is also hearts. I'd love for you to link up :)


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