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Camera Bag or Purse? Your Kids Will Never Know.....

In a short period of time I have amassed a great collection of photography related items.  When I go anywhere even remotely interesting I bring my gear.  My kids complain that there is not enough room in the car for them when I have my gear with me.  They think it is embarrassing. They are worried that I am just a lens away from becoming this guy:

And yes, it has occurred to me that knee pads might not be a bad idea.

To solve the problem of too much gear and no cool way to carry it I got this Swiss Gear camera bag:

Very cute, totally incognito.  Fits plenty of gear and has room leftover for my wallet, phone, and sunglasses.  It looks so much like my purse that my kids might not have even realized that it is a camera bag yet, making unexpected teenage photo ops much more successful:

(A rare photo of Big Boy, not looking goofy for the camera....for the most part.)


  1. very nice!! wow very rare picture of him!

  2. Like the semi-Justin Bieber do.....

    Nancy A.

  3. I like the photo of Big Boy -- that is almost a smile! Also like the new one of Big Girl in sunglasses!

    From their completely unbiased Grandma :-)


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