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Cookbooks #19: Atkins Best Recipes and #21: Atkins: The Complete Cookbook

Cookbooks #19: Atkins Best Recipes and #21: Atkins: The Complete Cookbook are the next 2 cookbooks in my Cook the Bookshelf Challenge.

These books are grouped together because despite the different titles and covers they are the exact same book!  Same introduction, same recipes on the same pages, same photos....exactly the same!  


About the Book

These books are full of recipes that follow the low-carb Atkins plan.  I bought them when I went through a low-carb phase a while back. Some recipes call for ingredients that I prefer not to use like Atkins baking mixes, Atkins bread, various low-carb products, and sugar substitutes but there are a lot of recipes that sound great even if you are not following a low-carb diet.

The Recipes I Chose To Make:

From Atkins Best Recipes I made the Mexican Chicken Salad from page 90.  I substituted a regular tortilla for a low-carb tortilla but otherwise kept the recipe the same.  This recipe was perfect for a main dish salad.

From Atkins: The Complete Cookbook I made the Touchdown Salad from page 75.  This salad has a fantastic dressing made with avocados, mayonnaise, lime, and chipotles. I served it with Blackened Sirloin Steak with  Southwestern Butter from the Pillsbury Best of Classics Cookbook.

What’s Next? 

The next cookbook in my Cook The Bookshelf Challenge  is #20: Atkins For Life.

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Atkins Best Recipes

Atkins: The Complete Cookbook