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Photo Challenge: Plum

Time for another challenge at Project 64: Out of the Box.  Each week a random crayon is chosen from a 64 count box of Crayola Crayons.  That color is used as inspiration for the week, the challenge is to find and photograph the weekly color in the world around us.  This week the color is plum.

Here are my plum shots for the week:

A plum balloon

A plum African Daisy

project64 button

My other Project 64 entires can be found here.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful color! Is plum a new color for Crayola (at least in the last decade)? I don't remember it when coloring as a kid, a mom, OR a grandma!

  2. very pretty plum finds!Thank you for linking up with project 64

  3. I love the texture that's inherent in that balloon! Great finds!

  4. Oh that daisy is gorgeous. I love that soft bokeh behind it.

  5. Thanks for identifying my flower as an African Daisy. I would have never know.
    Yours is just beautiful.
    Nothing like a shot of a single flower.
    Oh, and the detail, just delightful.
    The balloon is cool too.
    I like the texture of the different hues of plum!!

  6. Wow! Two great shots for plum!

  7. wonderful wonderful wonderful

    please have a good wednesday.

    daily athens

  8. I really like the texture of the balloon, very cool!


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