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ABC Wednesday: G

I just discovered another photography blog called ABC Wednesday.  Each week the next letter in the alphabet serves as inspiration for photographs.

The first thing I thought of for the letter G was the golden color of the Tower Bridge in Sacramento, California.  As you approach Sacramento from the south one of the first things you see is this bridge, its golden color is very stunning.

You can find my previous ABC Wednesday entries here.


  1. love the golden bridge. welcome to the meme!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. That's a really amazing colour for a bridge!

  3. "Guest Photographer" born in Sacramento - I know that bridge well, and you captured it beautifully. Nancy A.

  4. Those are awesome photo's. So romantic looking.

  5. Beautiful bridge, I would like to ride through and just look up through all the golden metal.

  6. Cute!

    Please visit my first ABC entry, thank you and nice to meet you through ABC.

    I am now your follower, will you follow my blog too?

  7. Hi, Coffee Queen! I love that photo that you took of yourself in the car mirror. Great photos of the towers. At first, I thought they were of the ones down in Stockton, and I didn't remember them as being gold. :-)


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